Equissage Treatment

Running Free Animal Physiotherapy are proud to be able to offer you Equissage treatment, used  by many top riders and trainers. The cycloid vibration provides a massage deep into the body, reaching the innermost layers of muscle.

Cycloidal Vibration therapy

The Equissage cycloidal massager has an effect deep into the muscle tissue, increasing blood flow, improving soft tissue extensibility, removing toxins from the tissue. The cycloidal vibration provides a therapeutic massage which extends throughout the whole body. The use of both the back pad and the hand unit provides full body treatment with the ability to tagets specific areas making it a versitile therapy which can be used for the following issues;  


  • Warm up 

  • Cool Down

  • Cold backed

  • Arthritis

  • Respiratory issues

  • Bruised sole

  • Laminitis

  • Swelling


 and much more ……

What to expect

Equissage massage therapy will take place at your yard.

Your therapist will take a history of your horse including any current injuries  or illnesses, previous injuries, ongoing veterinary treatments, the type of work and work load that the horse is performing.


The therapist will ask you to walk and trot the horse at the beginning of your consultation to asses how the horse is moving and will then complete a “hands on” examination, looking for sore spots, heat and asymmetry.

The Equissage back pad will be fitted to your horse and the massage hand unit will be used to target specific areas as required. 

We request that your horse is clean and dry for the therapy session and that the therapist has somewhere warm and dry to work in inclement weather.


A session will last around 45-60 minutes.

We are unable to perform Equissage on any animal without veterinary approval, but don’t worry we can obtain it on your behalf. All we need is the name and contact details of your veterinary surgeon.

Please note that our physiotherapist is not qualified to diagnose and we aim to work in conjunction with your vet, so if you think your horse has an injury you must seek medical advice first.